Group Placing Canadian Champion
Ringkona's Cool Runnings
Copper Male with Blue Eyes
EYES: Clear (CERF #SH-360470)
OFA: Pending
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Born: 15 Nov 2008
THAI CAN MBPIG CH Shapali's Casanova Cowboy: OFA: Excellent
BPIG CH Sunuryk N Ringkona Sun Spirit, CD, CGN, TG-N TN-N, NAC, TDI
OFA: Excellent
EYES: Clear
Ringkona's Cool Runnings
BISS CAN UKC BIS GR CH Shapali's Invitation To Indaba
BIS UKC CAN CH Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar
CH Kabus Heart T' Heart At Sunuryk
BIS BISS AM CAN INTL CH Stormwarning Clam B4 The Storm
Kabu's Talking Up A Storm
Naakeah's Everybody Dance Now
BPIG CH Sunuryk N Ringkona Sun Spirit CD, CGN, NAC, TN-N, TG-N, TDI
AM CH Huskavarna's Four On The Floor
AM SA CH Foxfire's Rain Dancer
AM CAN UKC BIS GR CH Shapali's Quick Quiver
BISS AM CH Innisfree's Chips Ahoy
Khisanath's Khis O'Thombstone
BISS CAN UKC BIS GR CH Shapali's Invitation to Indaba
MBPIG THAI CAN CH Shapali's Casanova Cowboy
Sanka running wheel at his our first race in Prince Albert Saskatchwan, rear right (the side with the ice hook)
At just under 6 yrs of age Sanka hit the ring running.  He finished his championship his first weekend out
taking a Group 4 from the classes.  Thank you to the judges for recognizing this beautiful boy.
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