Ringkona's Turkey Jerky
Light Red Amber Eyed Male
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Born: 10 Oct 2010
Sire: Shapali's Kickin To The Kurb OFA: Good
BPIG CH Sunuryk N Ringkona Sun Spirit, CD, CGN, TG-N TN-N, NAC, TDI
OFA: Excellent
Ringkona's Turkey Jerky
BISS CAN UKC BIS GR CH Shapali's Invitation To Indaba
BIS UKC CAN CH Cardium's Cinful Cinnibar
CH Kabus Heart T' Heart At Sunuryk
BIS BISS AM CAN INTL CH Stormwarning Clam B4 The Storm
Kabu's Talking Up A Storm
Naakeah's Everybody Dance Now
BPIG CH Sunuryk N Ringkona Sun Spirit CD, CGN, NAC, TN-N, TG-N, TDI
Ebonyshadow N Shapali's Fierro
CH Ebonyshadows Auburn Hazer
Snoknight's Drops O' Jupiter
CAN PHIL GR CH Shapali's Unequivocal Umiak
Khisanath's Khis O'Thombstone
CH Likewind's Zoot O'Shaugnessy
Ch Shapali's Kickin To The Kurb